adapter frame for BMW Boxer 1969 1996      



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1 46519020217 adapter frame, complete with clamps & stays 671,43 799,00
2 46519020218 steering damper 54,62 65,00
3 46519020219 clamp for steering damper 38,57 45,90
4 46519020210 socket-joint for steering damper 19,24 22,90

General information
All of this models can be outfitted with sidecars. An adapter frame, screwed to the right side of the motorbike, makes it possible. In most cases a 4-point-connection is used. The adapter frame is made of welded steel pipes and is connected with adjustable clamps (to avoid applied tensions) to the motorbike frame. The adapter frame has two upper socket-joints and two lower flat bolts. The clamps and screws are zincked, the frame is black powder laminated and is outfitted with a registry number. The adapter frame, once mounted can remain on the motorbike when the sidecar is not in use.Security Information
+ Each adapter frame is TÜV (german state technical inspection) certified. This inspection certificate is available.
+ Generally casted rims are not accepted for use with sidecars by the german TÜV and therefore we do not recommend them.

Technical requirements
+ Installation time: approx. 1 – 2 hours.
+ This BMW models are not recommended for sidecar use:
BMW /5: frames are less stable (reinforcement of the steering heading is possible through alteration in a professional workshop).
BMW R 45: no shorter transmission available.
+ The original tele-front forks are more susceptible to wear. It is recommended using a sleeve to give more tension to the front springs.
+ A front wheel swinging arm adds stabilty and is widely available. It generally costs 1.000 – 1.500 .
Hydraulic steering dampers are recommended for use on both suspension systems to avoid shimmying.
+ The back wheel suspension can be reinforced by stronger springs. For later GS-models a sleeve is adaquate for extra support. Early G/S, with short swinging arm, should be equipped with a high quality spring
(ex. Wilbers, White Power,...).

Adapter frames
There are three types of BMW Boxer. Each one requires a different adapter frame:
/6 and /7 distinguishable by its oval frame pipe underneath the steering heading.
Typ 247 all models up to the R 100R/1996; GS with foldable footrests, distinguished by its round frame tubes, 32 mm diameter. The last GS has a shorter frame, the adapter requires a slight adjustment.
Typ 248 all R 45 and R 65

All 3 adapter frames are designed for use on BMW Boxer models with standard gas tank size. We offer special adapter frames for larger gas tank sizes.

Adapter frames for other motorcycles are also available on request!