All components are exact copies and compatible with the original STEIB models.

Our order numbers are based on the system of the original STEIB cataloque.

This will help you to find the required parts for the restoration of your sidecar.

We deliver connecting parts, frames, reinforced springs and spoke wheels for a wide variety of motorcycles.

28 pages – Februar 2017

pdf (2,3 mb)


  Ideal STEIB
sidecar and spareparts catalogues


handlebars & equipment

for BMW R 25 – R 25/3, R 51/2 – R 68

and other postwar motorcycles



4 pages – October 2011

pdf (305 kb)


handlebars & equipment

for prewar motorcycles

facsimiles of AMAL and MAGURA fittings of the 1930’s and 1940’s



4 pages – Januar 2015

pdf (378 kb)


tail lights for prewar motorcycles


1 page – Januar 2015

pdf (125 kb)